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Jakes Take

Sep 26, 2023

i talk about and give opinion about things i seen in the world the past week Monlog 0:00-5:23 what i seen in the news 5:32-21:10 thoughts 21:25-27:52

Sep 19, 2023

I talk about why some of our leaders should retire then i talk about what i seen in the news and random thoughts if we had some religous prohets from the past came back to our time . Monolog0:00-6:13 what i seen in the news 6:20-16:38 random thoughts 16:46-24:53

Sep 11, 2023

I talk about things i seen this past week in the news Monolog 0-4:50 Wat i seen in the news 5:00-15:00 some thoughts 15:10-21:26

Sep 5, 2023

i talk about recent natural disatsters and my opinion on  how they are used to manipulate opinion and thoughts . Natural disaters 0:00-10:15, what i seen in the news 10:25-22:53, Random thoughts 23:06-29:55