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Jakes Take

Jan 27, 2020

I talk about the new rule with visa's and also talk about the virus coming out of china.i also talk about a murder suicide in North Carolina,and give a comment about the protests in Virginia 

Jan 20, 2020

I talk about the former Pope Benedicts vein on celebacy for priests, and I talk about a couple who left their toddler in the car to go gamble at a gas station.I also take about an e.r wait that ends in tragedy, and a school expulsion that seems odd to me

Jan 13, 2020

I talk about horses rescued in Kentucky,and about a shoplifter stopped in his tracks in Honolulu. Then talk about a woman who adopted 6 kids in foster care, and a update about shortening the work week.

Jan 6, 2020

I talk about the pope being grabbed ,and some predictions for this decade .I also talk about a affluenza case and a boys air pod.Pleas subscribe and tell other about the podcast